You Can Influence Your Body Processes

You can change your body Processes, Biochemistry and Physiology
One of the things that has been most amazing for me, is that when I have worked to help people beeing prepared for surgery. When we have worked with the unconscience mind, to control the bleeding, just to bleed enough to clean and do the job of the bleeding.
And in all cases the doctor has after the surgery come back with the comment. I have never seen a surgery of this kind, where it has been bleeding so little. Imagine how much we can effect and program the processes of our body. If I really think this to an end, it is soooooo AMAZING that I can hardly understand it, but the comments counts for it self…..The impact of how we are programmed in our mind, is amazing….and the good news if we can be programmed we can be reprogrammed…..

Everything you say and think influence your mind and body, so by beeing aware of what you think and say, you can program yourself in the direction you want. An little excercise is talk a few minutes about something in your life that is not yet as you want. And then have a friend to listen who stops you every time you say a negative word. What you talk and think is what you get in life

LOL Charlotte Bang

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