What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about being 100 % present with, what we are doing right now in this moment. And by that being fully aware of what is happening both inside us and in the outer world right now.
Our mind has a tendency to travel into the past and into the future, but the only thing we really have as humans is the present moment. By being present in the moment we can reduce the regrets, anger, and sorrows from the past, plus the worries for the future. Of course this doesn´t mean that we can´t be mindful when working on planning the future or learning from the past. It just means that we do these things being fully aware, that this is what we are doing right now. That’s completely different from a mind that unconsciously is travelling back and forward. Mindfulness increases our joy, relaxation and productivity.

Benefits at the workplace

Researsh shows that organizations can benefit from mindfulness at many levels. As it can recharge hte individuals and influence them in the following areas.
1. Increased focus and productivity
2. Indreased creativity
3. Better Emotional Intelligence

Mindfulness at the workplace can help to decrease distractions, and by that indrease focus and productivity. Besides a silent mind has more leftover capacity not only to produce, but also to be creative and think new ideas, by seeing things in a new perspective. The emotinal intelligence can be increased by mindfulness and that can give:
• More work joy and satisfaction
• Better relationsships both internal and external
• Better communication
• Stronger, healthier team dynamics
• Better decisions
• A more positive work environment

Often I also see, teams having better more effective meetings, with better outputs when they start the meeting with a mindfullness session. You are welcome to contact me to a talk about how you can benefit from mindfulness in your organisation.

Best regards,
Charlotte Bang

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