Mindset for Success

Mindset for Success

Everything starts with what you think, every human creation in the world started with a thought. The researchers say we think between 50.000-70.000 thoughts a day. So think about what you want instead of what you do not want. Energy flows where you focus.

If you think you can, you can (Henry Ford)

Ford is so right, if you believe you can, you can. And unfortunately the opposite is also the case. It has been proved both in science and in the real world.

One of the most important reasons for lack of success is limiting believes. It is very important to believe that you can. Another reason for lack of success is the strategies you use. The optimal strategies depend on what you want. A good winning strategy is not the same strategy that is good for close relations.

No matter if you have ambitions to have more, be more, do more, or relax more., you need a goal that motivates you. Motivation is a motive that makes you take action. Make sure you have goals that makes you happy when you imagine you have achieved them. A very important question is to ask yiourself: “why do I want this goal?”

Many studies were made on the difference between people who have success and these who do not. It has been found that succesful people often do and believe the following:

Believe in yourself – believe that you can do it.
Think and talk positive about yourself and others.
In teams allow yourself and others to be successful and stand out
Do not be a football for others opinion
If something is not working do something else. There are always more possibilities
We do not experience the world as it is, but a model of the world
Have respect for others models
You are unique, every single person is unique
You have all the resources you need
The person or organisation with the biggest flexibility has the greatest advantages
A person always do the best it can, at a given time.
Every behavior comes from a positive intention, it is just not always the behavior is the best to obtain the intended result
It is myself that controls my mind, and by that my results
The meaning of your communications is reflected in the responses you get.
There is something to learn in every problem, there is a solution to every problem
A problem is an opportunity to learn and change.
Be ready to learn
No matter almost what problem you have, somewhere in the world there is someone who solved it already.

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