The way you communicate creates your personal and professional relationships. The way you connect to others influences highly your success in business and personal life. No one ever became successful without interactions with others.

In the end it all starts with how you communicate with yourself, as that influences how you meet other persons. One of the things we all want, is to be seen and respected, as the unique person we are.

I can help you in:

Communicating to create a positive atmosphere
How to communicate to build self-esteem and confidence
Building trust
Better teams by enhanced communication
Giving feedback in a constructive way
Asking questions
Meeting the other persons where they are
Solving conflicts
Public speaking
Communicate to different communications styles
How to use the words. Small words can make a huge difference
How to communicate with your self, in a way that supports your intentions

In interaction with other humans the below believes is an advantage to have:
Behind every behavior is a positive intention
Every person is unique
The meaning of the communication is the effect it has on the other person(s)

I can respect other persons and see their positive intentions. No matter if I do not agree with them or not.

You are welcome to contact me, to hear more about communication

Best Regards
Charlotte Bang
Expert in Change from Within

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